Pool/Spa Variable Pool Pump with IAQUALINK to Program with App on phone


 3 Tips to Having A Healthy Pool with Salt and Solar

Save on Your Electric Bill with a Variable Pool Pump, App to Set Pool, We have one at our Solar Pool and Horse Estate that is Up for Sale


p that anyone can set Temperature, Turn Pool On or Off and more with an App on your phone.

Variable Pool Pump We Purchased

We found out that having a Salt Water Pool is healthy for you versus so much Chlorine due to the fact that your skin absorbs all of these chemicals being that your skin is your largest organ.

We found these products on Amazon – saving us hundreds of dollars less than what our Professional Pool Man wanted.

We like buying from Amazon because you can track your delivery (which is always efficient), they honor their warranties, they have an easy return policy if the item is not as described. The Positives of having a Salt Water Pool are health, silky feeling on your skin, pool equipment lasts longer, water is cleaner.

Pool Spa Solar  Salt-system PebbleTec Pool & Spa

There are some Affiliate Links, these are products we recommend. We use these products at our home. I would not recommend something we personally do not use. By clicking on the Affiliate links will not cost you anymore money than if you purchased directly.

You may read our “Affiliate Link Disclosure”. Everything I have described here is in our home and we have purchased. Yeah we make a little money f you click on our link – but the price will be the same.

Another great item we added to our Pool equipment was the IAQUALINK that you can connect to your phone with an APP and turn your pool equipment on and off. The one we purchased is here The IAQUALINK we purchased.

It works so perfect. When we want to heat up the spa and we just left the office – we can set it and it’s 95 Degrees when we arrive home.

The IAQUALINK arrive in one day and was super easy to install.
Oh and By the Way
Best Extender we have found – check it out.

What experience have you had with Pentair VariablePool Pump, IAUALINK and Netgear Extender?
We live up in the Mountains and this combo works 24/7 for us.